University of Ottawa HOSA Club


Welcome to the FAQ page. Hopefully any questions you have can be answered here. If not, contact us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

What is HOSA? 

​HOSA stands for Health Occupants Students of America, and is an international organization dedicated to increasing the standard of health care while simultaneously creating and promoting career opportunities in the health care industry. It has been running internationally for 41 years and has been in Canada since 2015. 

What is HOSA at uOttawa? ​

​The uOttawa HOSA chapter provides an engaging club for students interested in the health, and to be able to learn more about the health industry. It allows students to make connections with people involved in the field, and to compete at the annual SLC conference. 

​What is SLC? 

SLC stands for the Spring Leadership Conference, taking place during early March. Students and schools across Canada compete against each other in a variety of health related competitions, such as forensic medicine, the biomedical debate, or veterinary science. For a full list of events and competition rules, please see our events page. 

​What is ILC? 

​ILC stands for the International Leadership Conference, which takes place in the United States during mid to late June. Competitors that place in the top three in their event can compete on the international stage against students from across the globe. In uOttawa HOSA's inaugural year, five competitors placed first at SLC, and are currently preparing for ILC 2017 in Orlando, Florida. 

I was part of HOSA in high school. Does anything change at the university level? 

As part of a university chapter, you'll be competing against other university students across the country. Due to interest, some events may not be available at the university level. For a full list of events, please visit our events page!  

I wasn't a member of HOSA in high school. Can I still join? 

Absolutely! Everybody is welcome regardless of experience or program of study. 

​What is the cost of SLC? 

HOSA registration, conference fees and transportation costs approximately $240, with an additional charge for accommodation. A further breakdown of costs are available under the registration tab. Every year we do our best to keep costs down and try to refund as much as possible after the trip; however, please note that all payments are non-refundable.

When does the club meet? 

The club meets about once a month, with an increase in meetings as we approach the date for SLC. For a full list of events and meetings, please see our events page. 

I want to join HOSA! What do I do?

Please visit our registration page for details on how to become a member of the uOttawa HOSA chapter. We're excited to have you with us for the upcoming year and we look forward to meeting you!