How competitive events work: 

 Knowledge test events are comprised of 100 multiple   choice questions that tests the competitors knowledge of   the subject. Scores on the exams are ranked and the top   3 are awarded. 

 Biomedical Debate and HOSA Bowl teams must qualify   for the debate/tournament by placing in the top 40%   (value changes every year) of teams. Scores from each   team member are averaged to determine which teams   will advance to the debate/tournament. 

 All other events consist of a knowledge based exam that   is usually 50 multiple choice questions, as well as case   study related to the subject matter. For example, in   Forensic Medicine, after writing the exam, competitors   would participate in a case study where they are   responsible for determining the cause of death of a   victim. Once scores from the exam and case   are averaged (according to event guidelines), the top 3   competitors will be awarded. 

 What the top 3 are awarded: 

 The top 3 competitors in each event are given a medal as   well as the opportunity to attend the International   Leadership Conference (ILC). If a top 3 member drops   out from ILC, the opportunity will be passed down to the   next runner-up competitor. 

Scroll over "EVENTS" tab above to look at all of our available competitive events! 

Tips to succeed in your event: ​​

       ●  Come to our training sessions 

       ●  Join us at our general meetings for updates and             information 

       ● Read the guidelines provided in each event (roll             over "EVENTS" to find it!) 

       ●  Don't leave it to the last day before SLC or ILC!

       ●  For team events, practice together. Building                   comfortable, friendly and having good                             chemistry with your team is extremely                             beneficial! 



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