University of Ottawa HOSA Club


Co-Presidents Olivier Brandts-Longtin, Rishi Gupta and Keshav Goel founded a HOSA club not only here at uOttawa, but also at their high school in Ottawa. When they first opened their chapter at their high school in grade 12, they thoroughly enjoyed the enriching experiences of the National and International Conferences and decided to continue to share their experiences at HOSA by co-founding uOttawa HOSA in 2016.

HOSA provides excellent guest speakers as well as a large variety of health-related workshops such as suturing. They were able to network with healthcare professionals, as well as compete against other chapters within Canada (and around the world at ILC!) Additionally, HOSA Canada has been expanding exponentially, from a mere hundred or so participants at their first national conference in 2015 to an outstanding five to six thousand in 2018! 

Starting the chapter at uOttawa meant allowing our student body to be exposed to a variety of health fields that they would conventionally not have the chance to see, such as forensic medicine or pharmacology. This also gives them a chance to expand their knowledge and guides them to choosing a career path. 

Our mission here at uOttawa HOSA club is to allow as many students as possible be able to have the opportunity to learn about the large variety of career paths in the health field, as well as for them to network and compete on a national and international level!